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    164 has launched apps for iPhone and Android device users. The links to download are below, but first some instructions for the iPhone users:

    If you're not a Rivals registered user or subscriber, you will need to first follow these steps before using the iOS app:

    A) Sign-up here for a subscription to You may also sign up for a free registered account with a username and password that doesn’t include a subscription, but of course that will not give you access to premium items until you have a paid subscription.

    B) Once you have signed up for a subscription, you’re all set to download the app and get access to all premium content plus our site’s premium message board(s).

    App Store Link:

    Now, for the link for Android device users.

    Google Play Link:

    NOTE: When you open the app, click the three bars on the top left, then go to settings. Scroll down and make sure "Arkansas State" shows up in blue. This will allow push notifications to be sent straight to your phone anytime breaking news or a big story is posted on the site.
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